Top Benefits of Local SEO for Businesses

Top Benefits of Local SEO for Businesses

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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Let’s explore the key benefits of Local SEO that your business can leverage to connect with more clients in your area.

As a local business owner, how can you ensure that local customers can find your business when looking for your product or service?

Local SEO is the search engine optimization strategy that focuses on increasing your brand’s visibility in search engines and map platforms like Google Maps.

A BrightLocal survey from 2022 showed that 87% of consumers have turned to Google to scout out local businesses, up 24% since 2020. This stark increase underscores the undeniable importance of staying on top of your business’s online game.

Shows You Off to New Customers in Your Local Area

Consider the journey of a potential customer. They have a problem: they need a product or service in their local area you offer but don’t know you exist.

Here enters Local SEO as the hero of our story, showcasing the advantages of local SEO benefits.

By optimizing for local search, you ensure your business is found by those actively seeking what you provide, making it far more likely they’ll choose you over competitors.

Moreover, Local SEO is about connecting with your community and building relationships with local customers who are more likely to return and recommend your business to others. It’s a virtuous cycle: the more you’re found, the more you’re chosen; the more you’re chosen, the more you’re recommended; and the more you’re recommended, the more you’re found.

Brings More Foot Traffic to Your Business

Local SEO for your business if your bottom line relies on foot traffic. Research shows that companies implementing a successful strategy for Local SEO to grow their online presence see a 30% increase in foot traffic. By optimizing for local search, your business doesn’t just appear in search results; it stands out on popular map tools like Google Maps.

Imagine someone walking down the street, craving a coffee. They pull out their phone and search for “coffee near me,” and there you are: your café’s Google Business Profile appears on Google Maps, just a few steps away. With one click, they can see your business hours and get exact directions to your physical location. This seamless bridge from digital search to physical visitation is why Local SEO is so effective.

Generates More Direct Calls, Leads, and Sales

Revamping your Local SEO strategy can significantly increase direct interactions with potential customers, leading to more calls, messages, and form submissions. Let’s break down how optimizing for local search can boost these key areas of engagement.

Phone Calls

When your business ranks higher in local organic search results, your phone number becomes more visible to potential customers, making it easier for them to reach out directly. Ensure your contact information is prominent and consistent across all online platforms to maximize the chances of receiving phone calls. This direct line of communication is invaluable for answering queries quickly, scheduling appointments, and closing sales.

Online Messages

Online messaging platforms, including chat services on your Google Business Profile, your website, and messages through social media profiles, offer another avenue for potential customers to connect with you. Local SEO can drive relevant traffic to these platforms, where visitors can send messages anytime. To capitalize on this, be responsive and provide helpful information. Quick and informative replies can convert a curious visitor into a committed customer.

Form Submissions

Optimized local business listings can also increase form submissions on your website. Whether it’s contact forms, quote requests, or service inquiries, ensuring these forms are easy to find and user-friendly is crucial. A streamlined submission process and prominent calls-to-action (CTAs) encourage visitors to take that next step. Each submission is a direct lead, offering a clear opportunity to convert interest into sales.

Increases Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted website traffic is valuable because it represents a group of people who are already seeking the products or services you provide. These are not casual browsers; they are motivated individuals with a specific need or problem that your business can solve. This level of intent significantly increases the chances of engagement, whether it’s through filling out a contact form, making a phone call, or making a purchase.

When you tailor your website’s content, metadata, and keywords to target a local audience, you’re speaking directly to the community around you. This specificity means that the traffic coming to your site is not just random visitors but people who are genuinely interested in what you offer and are more likely to convert into customers. For example, by using local keywords such as “best coffee shop in [City Name]” or “emergency plumber in [City Name],” you’re directly addressing the searches of potential customers in your area.

Improves Conversion Rates

Local SEO enhances your online visibility and brings targeted traffic to your website, but it also significantly improves your conversion rates. When your local search optimization aligns perfectly with the needs and location of your target audience, every click has a higher potential to convert into a sale or lead.

The crux of improved conversion rates through local SEO lies in its ability to connect with customers who are ready to act. Local searchers often have a higher intent to purchase, as they are looking for solutions that are convenient and immediate. When your business meets these criteria—thanks to precise local SEO strategies—you’re not just capturing traffic; you’re capturing relevant traffic that is primed to convert.

Another key factor in improved conversion rates is the trust built through local SEO efforts. Trust is a major decision-making factor for consumers, and by enhancing it, you significantly increase the chances of converting visitors into customers. We dive into the topic of trust and authority next.

Builds Trust and Authority

Ever wonder if people actually pay attention to online reviews? Well, according to a PowerReviews report in 2021, practically everyone does—over 99.9% of customers read reviews when shopping online. This shows just how much weight reviews carry in building or breaking trust and authority for businesses.

Positive Reviews

Positive reviews from customers are like gold. They tell everyone that we’re doing something right. When customers see lots of good feedback, they’re more likely to think, “This place must be good.” It’s not just about getting a few positive words; it’s about gathering enough to show we’re consistently awesome. Each good review is a pat on the back, encouraging more people to check us out.

The number of customer reviews also matters a lot. More feedback means more credibility. It tells customers we’re open, honest, and, most importantly, real. So, let’s embrace all reviews. They’re our chance to shine and show we’re the real deal.

Negative Reviews

Now, negative reviews might seem like a bad thing, but there’s a silver lining. A Brightlocal study found that 88% of people are cool with a business that tackles both good and bad feedback head-on, compared to just 47% who’d consider a place that ignores reviews. Responding to negative reviews shows we care and are ready to fix things. It’s about turning those lemons into lemonade.

It’s Cost Effective

When it comes to Local SEO, a common question arises: Is it expensive?

The key to evaluating its cost is considering the value it brings to your business. If Local SEO enhances your visibility, draws in paying customers, or generates leads that outweigh the cost, then it’s an investment worth making. The goal is to ensure that the returns justify the expense without overspending.

For businesses considering professional Local SEO services, costs can vary widely. Engaging a local SEO expert could cost up to $2,000 to $3,000 per month, depending on your business’s size and the extent of services provided. This may cover comprehensive management of your citations, optimization of your Google Business profile, and ongoing strategy adjustments to improve your local online presence.

However, more affordable options are available that don’t compromise on results. Services like iLocalHero’s Local SEO Services offer cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of local businesses. 

Counting Money

Unlock The Advantages of Local SEO Benefits To Grow Your Business

Local SEO is your business’s secret power-up. It’s like lighting up a big, bright sign over your shop in the online world where everyone’s looking. Setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile and optimizing other aspects of your online presence doesn’t just make you visible; it makes you the go-to spot in your local scene.

And the cool part? It doesn’t cost a fortune to get there, thanks to affordable options like iLocalHero. But remember, good things take time—it might be a month or several months before you start seeing growth of your SEO rankings and organic traffic. So, it’s all about being smart with your marketing cash and a bit patient. 

Looking to leverage the benefits of Local SEO? We can Help.

If you are a local business owner and want to understand the benefits of SEO for local businesses, request a free marketing audit from our team. We will be happy to provide a custom plan to help you reach your goals and leverage the advantages of local SEO benefits effectively.