What Is Evergreen Content and Why Do You Need It

What Is Evergreen Content and Why Do You Need It

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Table of Contents
Evergreen Content
Table of Contents

If you are looking to improve your content marketing strategy, you need the right types of content. The number one rule for the success of a website or business that wants to make it online is to provide relevant content. The second rule is to make sure the content is evergreen. Evergreen articles have the power to provide value over and over again. 

But how can one succeed with a content strategy based on evergreen pieces when Google is all about current trends? It all depends on what the content marketer is planning to achieve with their content ideas! Sure, current events can bring traffic for a couple of days, but this is a good idea, especially for businesses that are already established and have a solid reputation and, most importantly, a loyal base of customers.

If you’re just beginning to make your mark in the online universe, you need search-optimized content and evergreen content pieces that will bring in traffic for months to come. Evergreen pieces have perpetual life, especially if you publish them on a regular basis. Remember, Google is always watching! Make it proud!

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What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is SEO content that will be relevant to readers regardless of the trends. And by trends, we mean different seasons, news cycles, or time-sensitive events. In other words, evergreen content is a piece of content written today that will still be useful years from now.

What Is Evergreen Content And Why Do You Need It Agency

Time-sensitive content is only relevant at the time of its posting or in a specific time interval. Evergreen blog articles are able to generate organic traffic to your website and will stand the test of time. Let’s take a look at some examples of evergreen and non-evergreen topics:

Evergreen topics:

  • How to tie a tie: There are plenty of ways to tie a tie. When you need to wear one, you’ll find an article that will show you the method step by step.
  • How to lose weight: Weight loss will never fall out of fashion. People want to get in shape. Diet is always going to be a relevant topic of conversation, even if there are different approaches to it.
  • Sports scores: Sports scores are always up to date. No matter which sports season is active, this is evergreen content, especially when you want to look up historical trends.

Non-evergreen topics:

  • Election news: This content may be relevant for a short period during election events. But election results are usually included in news articles that will soon lose their appeal to the audience.
  • One-time events: Whether it’s a special fight between two heavyweights or a once-in-a-lifetime event, these pieces of content are time-sensitive, meaning no further updates are expected in the future.

Why is evergreen content useful?

Simply put, there are some interests that will never fade or bore the audience, while others may run out their course and then lose steam (thus losing relevance). People tend to move on from trending topics, which tend to be forgotten in a dusty corner of the online world.

To prove this point, check out Google trends. Type in a topic such as the ‘2020 US Election’. You will notice interest building up leading to the event, but the trend drops in terms of interest and search frequency next year.

The same goes for seasonal topics. You’ll see low numbers in the months that follow a seasonal topic, such as Christmas decorations, and a buildup in the months ahead of Christmas. That’s why you want valuable content that will be relevant today, tomorrow, and all year long (for as long as possible).

Content creators know which topics they can benefit from. Always ask yourself: this is a popular topic today, but will people talk about it tomorrow or sometime after that?

What Is Evergreen Content And Why Do You Need It Agency

How to create evergreen content

Evergreen content can be created quite simply. Let’s take a look at what you need to do:

1. Find evergreen topics

In other words, steer clear of anything that is time sensitive. Instead, find topics where the traffic potential is good. The best approach is keyword research using tools like Ahrefs or Google Keywords.

It may take some brainstorming to come up with the best target keywords. Don’t be afraid to go a little longer. Long-tail keywords can rank better than short-tail ones.

You should also keep an eye on positive trends. If you are exploring trends using a keyword, make sure it doesn’t show signs of obvious decline. Using keyword search tools, you can also match the results with Google Trends.

If the volume is similar to another (and it’s in decline), move on to the next topic. It means that there’s a loss of interest.

2. Create evergreen SEO content

SEO posts are essential for the success of a page. SEO content can take the shape of blog posts, how-to posts, videos, podcasts, or whatever may be considered your “strong suit.” Alternatively, you’ll want to see what kind of content your audience tends to consume the most.

Your past content (be it posts or videos) can give you an indicator of what type of content your audience will engage with the most. If you have a flow of consistent traffic, you can analyze the data using tools like Google Analytics. If there’s a type of content that is working, double down on it, and keep up the good work.

Long-lasting evergreen posts should be not only relevant but also engaging. An evergreen content strategy will bring in questions or comments even if many years have passed after the initial publishing. This is a sign that your traffic flow is still alive and well.

The better the shelf life, the more people will come across it via a Google search. Especially if you are ranking high for a specific keyword. And remember! Google does updates from time to time. This means you want to make sure your content quality is good. Otherwise, you may be penalized and slide in the SEO rankings.

What Is Evergreen Content And Why Do You Need It Agency

Final Thoughts

Evergreen content is easy to create once you know your audience and keywords. It can become your most reliable promotion tool and a part of your social media marketing strategy. Amazing content will also perform better than seasonal content, no matter what time of year it is.

Evergreen content lives on forever. Choose relevant content for your public but make it long-lasting content. From how-to content to broad topics, your written pieces should always put an evergreen spin on the subject.

The more evergreen content you put out there, the more consistent flows of traffic you are going to get. This will eventually translate into customer loyalty and business growth.