Case Study

Window Installation Company

Heroic Feat

Increased Organic Leads by 225%
Incremented Overall Leads by 500%
Grew Website Traffic by 153%
Blasted the Number of Reviews by 616%
Conversion Rate of 65%

The Origin Story

Like many of our Local Heroes, the Window Installation Company had been quietly delivering outstanding service for years. Existing customers were ecstatic with the quality of both the work and service delivered by the company.

Chicago is a large market. With that comes a lot of opportunities, but also a lot of noise and competition.

The company chose us because we provide the tools for success along with a logical, easy to follow marketing blueprint. Allowing them to hone both their message and their efforts in order to effectively cut through the noise and reach the wonderful people in need of their services.

The Battle

Review Management

CWG was already doing an outstanding job, using our reputation management platform as a hub for review management across multiple sites, we began encouraging and cultivating customer reviews, to give the brand legitimacy and credibility.

Website Optimization

Before investing in bringing attention to their site we used local SEO best practices to optimize and remove errors resulting from an SEO audit. Using the same tool, we were able to research keywords and enhance the site to be treated more favorably by search engines.

Email Marketing

Using our email marketing tool we created forms to generate leads and email subscribers. With regular, thoughtful email campaigns we were able to engage customers and potential customers with meaningful content and promotions.

Social Media

With our social media marketing service, we were able to manage all the social media accounts from one tool and efficiently stay active without needing to spend a lot of time.

Tracking and ROI

From the very first step and throughout, we implemented conversion tracking to track leads and conversions across all marketing campaigns regardless of medium, from digital to print. Tracking is critical to correct course and equally important to measure ROI. It’s through this tool that we learned that the company’s close rate gradually rose to 65% of qualified leads.


Only after the site was ready for attention, there was a meaningful collection of reviews, and an active social media presence, we began to manage Google Adwords and Facebook marketing to maximize the company’s reach.

Blog Writing

The advertising was coupled with helpful blog articles to position the window company as an adviser and a thought-leader in the window and door installation space.

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