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What is CampaignHero?

CampaignHero begins by giving you the ability to capture leads. It then allows you to design, create, segment, and send your email campaigns while offering powerful automation to make the process set and forget.


Email Campaigns

Precisely segment your contacts using lists and tags. Carefully craft and design your communication in a powerful built-in editor. Preview your emails in various email clients and mobile format prior to sending them. If all that wasn’t enough, integrate the forms on your website to automatically register contacts to the correct list.



Auto-responders, scheduled or recurring emails, even trigger-based conditional sends. You don’t need your employees worrying about what email to send next. Use powerful automation to create your ideal flow and let CampaignHero automatically send contacts all the communication they will need when they need it.



Store contacts, create deals, manage pipelines, track communication, create tasks, everything you need to manage your customers. From lead to customer, all your CRM needs are included in the ultimate email marketing platform.