Rocket Taking Off Your Social Media Simplified!

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What is SocialHero?

SocialHero unlocks the ability to manage all your social media profiles from one powerful tool. Design and create posts using a powerful built-in editor, schedule your posts leveraging AI suggested times and post types to maximize engagement, and review your performance using its powerful analytics.

Shield and Sword

Post Everywhere

Post to multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest) from one robust tool. Create elegant posts using a built-in graphics editor and a library of free to use images. 

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Posting Calendar

Use the posting calendar to schedule your posts to each social media platform. The calendar uses AI to suggest post times and post types for each platform to help maximize engagement.

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Analytics & Reporting

Review important metrics like Total Reach, Paid Likes vs Organic Likes, Followers, Total Engagement, etc. Dissect it all both overall and by individual post on the relevant platform.