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Website Performance

The first step in optimizing your website is running an audit of its current speed and performance. We live in a world where a majority of users will visit your website on a mobile device. This means your website needs to be super fast!

We will show you what you need to look for to maximize your site speed. Correcting these issues will require a mix of creative and technical skills.

Website Performance Speed Optimization

Recommended Web Pages

Every site is different, however, most successful sites share a common structure for their pages and content.

Learn which pages your customers expect to find on your site and how adding them can help search engine rankings.

Recommended Website Pages

Search Engine Friendly

Did you know that search engines will penalize you for certain errors and content on your site? Stuffing keywords, zip codes, and cities into your site are SEO strategies from a decade ago, and adding spammy content like that today, can result in lower search engine rankings. It’s hard enough to climb search engine rankings, don’t let your own content and site work against you. Use our Optimization Checklist to ensure you’re not making these mistakes. It also, wouldn’t hurt to run our free SEO Audit.
Search Engine Friendly Website

Content Optimization

Content optimization is not limited to just the words on your site.

Other factors such as page load speed, plug-ins, content loaded from other sites, etc. all have an effect on how favorably search engines view your site.

The good news is that you can correct many of these yourself. Our web optimization checklist will address several changes you can make to better optimize your content.

Content Optimization

Website Security

Today, security needs to be top of mind for everyone.

Not only do items like an SSL impact your search engine performance, but with sites more and more commonly being hacked and held for ransom, security is an area you can’t afford to neglect.

Our website optimization checklist will give you a few key areas to review or get help with to ensure your site is secure, both for you and your visitors.

Secure Your Website

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